Now it is easier than ever to find a bank near you that offers our electronic registration and titling service to renew your vehicle registration with on-demand printing of the renewal sticker and the official vehicle registration card. Enter your zip code in the field below to find an ERT service provider near you!

About the TagsOnSite Vehicle Tag Registration and Renewal Solution

With its state-of-the-art TagsOnSite system, ERT America, Inc. brings vehicle owners a comprehensive list of financial institutions and major retailers offering vehicle registration renewal.

Vendors offering the TagsOnSite solution can process and print your vehicle registration renewal sticker within seconds – a faster and easier way to renew your vehicle registration without going to a Department of Motor Vehicles facility.

We partner with our vendors to connect their Customer Service Representatives directly with a Department of Motor Vehicles making the process of vehicle registration renewal a pleasant one and providing you on-demand printing of a current year license plate sticker!

How it Works

Find and Visit a Participating Vendor

Provide Them Your Renewal Notice

Buy Your Registration Card & Sticker

It's that fast, that easy! No more long lines or waiting at DMV locations when you can renew your vehicle registration as closer to where you life, work and play!  In short, No More DMV!

About TagsOnSite

ERT America, Inc., ("ERT") an Illinois corporation, developed a browser based vehicle registration software solution enabling banks and customer service counters at major retailers to connect electronically with Motor Vehicle Departments across the nation.   ERT's software product product is known as TagsOnSite (hereafter referred to as "Tags").   ERT America, Inc. intends to become a national Vehicle Registration Renewal Service Provider anticipating deployments is several states.  At this time, none of those agreements have been completed.  As jurisdictions eventually do become effective we, will update this site and its zip code look-up functionality.  Check back, please. 

Arizona, for one example, allows outsourced registration renewals through independent, authorized agents around that state (these are referred to a brick-and-mortar storefronts).  However, none of those offices were banks or major retail establishments.  All are independent contractors who perform registration renewals as one part of their total business services.  Most of those agents charge additional handling fees of varying amounts.  ERT America has opened discussions with the AZ Department of Transportation with the goal of building a network of retail locations and banks throughout the state.  Convenience fees at ERT locations are expected to be lower than those charged by competing authorized agents.

Vehicle registration renewal at a participating ERT America vendor is easier and faster than going to the MVD.  It may become the most convenient way to renew your registration without the hassles typically associated with a trip to the State Offices.

A partial list of other States that have privatized registration renewal programs include, but are not limited to, California, Florida, Wisconsin, Utah, Virginia and Illinois.  ERT America may or may not seek entry to any of those states in the immediate future.

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A Bit of License Plate History

For Automobile Enthusiasts: A History of Illinois License Plates

In 1907, the Motor Vehicle Act, requiring motorists to register with the Illinois Secretary of State’s office, becomes law.

For a one-time $2 fee per vehicle, a motorist receives a circular aluminum seal with a registration number to affix to the vehicle, known as a dashboard disc.

It is the motorist's responsibility to furnish license plates. Over the years the Illinois driver’s license plate program has grown with more than ten million passenger cars registered today.

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We will send you a free informational piece outlining the complete history of the program compliments of ERT America, Inc. and its TagsOnSite partners!

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